To be a successful netball coach, the first thing we need to do is establish our coaching philosophy.
How do you want to be remembered? What legacy do you want to leave?

1. As your coach, I will see you as more than a netball player in my team. I will taketime to find out what motivates you, who inspires you, what makes you tick.

2. As your coach, I will set team expectations from the start of the season – For high achievement only takes place in the framework or high expectation.

3. As your coach, I will believe in you so much that you start to believe in you too. A good coach inspires their players to do more than they think they can – you are stronger than you think.

4. As your coach, I will treat you with the utmost respect and compassion. A great coach understands that what they are teaching goes far beyond the skills and fitness on the court.

5. As your coach, I will be creative. I will provide you challenging but fun training programs for you to develop a tough-love relationship with. Remember, hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

6. As your coach, I will always look to achieve success in each skill we are learning and let the winning take care of itself.

7. As a coach, I will need to make tough calls, but I promise to have open communication, for the good of the team.

8. If I am doing my job as a coach, I will be a respected friend and mentor for life.

9. I will be your coach in all things netball and be there through the highs and lows of your journey – supporting you to be the greatest netballer you can be.

10. Spark it up!