3 things I’ve learnt – 1 month post ACL operation

By Kim Green

1. Embrace the amazing people in your life:
These people are the ones who don’t just support us when we initially hurt ourself, but they are there for us weeks down the track when times get tough!
They are the people that make us feel inspired just by being in their presence.
They are the legends that will sit with us icing your knee 30 minutes after training has finished.

2. We feel left out but that’s a choice.
When we are injured, we are removed from doing what we love.
Tips I have used to stay involved with my team are:
a) If we feel up to it, it’s great to get to training just to be around our teammates. Let’s make sure we get out of our injury world and limit talking about our knee #BORING
b) Let’s take on a new role- Coaching, Scoring, Managing even trying our hand at Umpiring.
c) Grab a netball & keep up our skills on the side of the court- whether that be sitting, laying or standing there is always ways we can challenge ourselves.

3. Beanbags are life!
I bet you’re reading this thinking “a pillow will do just fine to elevate the knee” I was thinking the same thing 3 weeks ago.
My best bud Sarah Wall refused to take no for an answer- She brought me a beanbag and set me up on the couch. Straight away I felt it hug my knee and the support was incredible.
I have now realised pillows are so last year and beanbags are bringing in 2017 with style.
During this first month, I have had my moments, don’t you worry.
Have I doubted myself? Almost every day.
But one thing I know, is that every day that I wake up I imagine myself hitting that court in 2018… And that puts a smile on my face.