– By Sarah Wall –

These 11 exercise will keep your heart rate up, while mastering your basic skills. Perfect for training at home with a friend or add this into your team training.

I would complete a ten-minute warm-up followed by a very specific high intensity interval training set like this 11min partner ball work.

This is a form of Tabata method. I recommend 30sec exercises 30sec stationary passing. However for elite and senior groups, I would work on a 40 sec exercises and 20 sec stationary pass.

1. Get low fast feet
2. Jump lunches
3. Bounding
4. Fly kicks
5. Burpees Option 1/burpees Option 2
6. Drive on drive off

7. Side, low, high
8. Surprises
9. Low ball defence
10.Two ball mix
11.Tap backs

The Tabata method is a supplementary training method – basically, you use it to be better at your netball fitness.

We need to condition our bodies for the work-rest, work-rest nature of our sport. If you want to run our a game with ease, Tabata training can increase your VO2max. If you want to have more energy while playing, Tabata training can increase your anaerobic capacity. More than that, the Tabata method forces you to push hard for a concentrated amount of time, meaning you really have to challenge yourself.

You will see improvement on court.

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