One of Kim’s favourite dinners and after training pick me ups.


(Serves 2x People)
2x Chicken Breasts Tenderised with mallet
2x Tablespoons of Pics Crunchy Peanut Butter
2x Tablespoons of Soy Sauce
1x Tablespoons of Fish Sauce
2x Teaspoons of Huy Fong Foods Chili Garlic Sauce
1x Tablespoon of Olive Oil or Garlic infused Olive oil
1x Lime
3x Stalks of Spring Onion
Cos Lettuce cups


1. Tenderise your chicken fillets with a mallet until all the fillets are the same thickness and place in a bowl
2. Add the Peanut butter, Soy sauce, Fish Sauce, Chilli Garlic Sauce, Olive Oil and 1/2 of the lime into the bowl with the chicken. Use your hands to really marinade the fillets. Place in fridge for 10- 20 minutes.
3. Thinly slice your spring onions and place into a bowl
4. Wash and prepare your lettuce cups
5. Place your pan on high with olive oil until the pan is sizzling hot.
6. Add chicken pieces to the pan for about 5 minutes turning the chicken when necessary. ( I love my chicken slightly charcoaled)
7. Once cooked, slice chicken into little pieces and place back in the pan & juice with 1/2 a lime and add 1/2 of your spring onion mix. Stir for 30 seconds.
8. Place chicken and Spring onions in a bowl ready to serve with your lettuce cups.