1. I will be a warrior – Not making excuses, leaving my bad day at the door. I will wear my heart on my sleeve, a smile on my face and leave everything on the court.

2. I will be a leader – I will have the courage to speak to my coach or  captain if I have any concerns instead of holding them in.

3. I will respect the game – Not putting down my team mates or opposition, remembering everyone has their own story and battles.

4. I will play like my 7 year old self is watching me from the sideline – Fearless and free.

5. I will be a good sport on the bench – The ultimate team player, analysing my position like I am on the court playing. Keeping warm – always ready – no sooking.

6. I will get comfortable with the uncomfortable – Knowing my attitude will determine how I perform.

7. I will be curious & creative – I will have my own ideas and opinions and I will share them in a positive way.

8. I will be open to criticism – Always seeking improvement. Instructions may often seem harsh, but I will take it all on board as constructive feedback. Our coaches simply want the best for us.

9. I will be loyal to my team – I will support my team mates on and off the court, at school or in any social environment.

10. I will be humble in victory and be graceful in defeat – learning from every experience and not being afraid to make mistakes.

Take a risk, have fun and spark it up!