Wish you were here...Train just like you are in Bali! - NETFIT Netball


Bali is an incredible destination for all kinds of travellers. Whether you’re a solo female traveller or you are joining us on our NETFIT Tour retreats. Bali will be our home for the next week working on our healthy bodies and happy minds together.

Follow our workouts in the comfort of your own homes and feel like you are right here with us in Bali.

Let’s do this together netfitters!




Workout: Strength

(Jet Lag Workout)





Workout: Match Play

Today we head to FINNS Recreation Club to hit the courts against the Bali Flames.

We start our warm up with the 3 x Team Connection Drills as seen on the NETFIT App with Lisa Alexander.

Make sure you give this a go at your next training session. It is a great team connection and warm up before hitting the court.



Workout: NETFIT 50 Rep Challenge 

Try the NETFIT 50 Rep Challenge! We smashed our girls with this.

We started with a quick warm up, including our resistance bands for our glutes.

We then smashed a quick NETFIT HIIT (40sec on & 20sec off), followed by a couple of team drills.

Time to get started with the challenge:

Complete 50 reps of each exercise.
Box Jumps
Netball Passes above Head
High Knees
Hammy Curls
High Knee to Curtsy
Incline Push Ups
Single Leg Knee Drive
2 x Crunches + 2 x Toe Taps





Workout: Yoga 

It’s good for your body mind and soul, especially to balance & recharge.





Workout: Agility & Speed


Stay tuned for the rest of the week…