• Is it time to give back to yourself?
  • Are you looking for a training program created by Elite Netballers, Elite Strength and conditioning trainers and Elite Coaches?
  • Do you want feel a part of a like minded community?
  • Are you wanting to follow a meal plan Elite Netballers follow?
  • Are you ready to level up?

What do our NETFITTERS get?

– Your own personal Netball Trainer in your phone.

– World Champion Netball tips and advice.

– Supportive and inclusive online community to help you conquer your goals.

What do NETFITTERS need?

I have to take netball training tonight. What do I do?

We have a new coaching session plans and videos every week.

How do I build confidence?

Watch our cool netball and life hack vlogs to hit your full potential, on and off the court.

I am struggling to get to sleep before a big game.

Listen to Kim Green’s meditation tracks.

I need a new challenge.

We have a 12 week NETFIT challenge perfect for you.

How do I get netball fit?

Follow our program made up of strength, running, NETFIT HIIT and recovery sessions. It is all there for you in a weekly plan.

What do I eat before and after a game?

We have a simple meal guideline broken down for you with lots of healthy yummy meals to choose from.

We have a simple meal guideline broken down for you with lots of healthy yummy meals to choose from.

Join us everyday for an elite netball workout

Daily sessions for a full year
12 week workout challenges
Yoga for recovery

Elite nutrition meal plan & guidelines

Weekly mindset & life hack lessons

Weekly coaching plans for all skill levels


A Full Year Of Fitness Programming


Join us for 5 different workouts a week. All sessions take 45 minutes or less.


Work out at home, at a gym or the netball court – all you need is your phone, tablet or computer.


Choose from body weight or light weight programs. Experienced netballers to social netballers.

12 Week NETFIT Challenge

5 Sessions To Complete Each Week


Netball nutrition advice to help you fuel your body, to think and feel strong.

Our quick and simple meals & snacks are designed for netballers to lift their energy levels and have fun with food. 

You’re in control with lots of meals/snacks to choose from including vegetarian & gluten free options.



Coaches are NETFITTERS too!

  • Are you a coach that is time poor?
  • A coach looking for new ideas?
  • Wanting easy to follow session plans written for you?
  • New drills and skills to take to training?
  • Do you want to feel a part of a like-minded community?

Time Poor?
We have your back!

Goaling & Goalers Skills

  • Circle Entry
  • Holding For Lob
  • In & Out
  • Screens
  • Triangles


  • Timing, Inside & Outside Pivot
  • Split & Reoffer
  • Clear & Drive
  • Give & Go
  • Preliminary Moves
  • Through Court Linking
  • Depth On Second Phase
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Mid Court Triangles


  • One On One Body
  • Position & Reposition
  • First Ball Contest
  • Dictate & Deny First Ball
  • Intercept High & Wide
  • Rebounding Variations
  • In Arms Zone

Team Structure & Set Plays

  • Centre Pass – Attack (Split & Screen)
  • Centre Pass – Attack (Inside Hold)
  • Centre Pass – Attack  (Overload)
  • Centre Pass – Defence (Wall)
  • Throw-Ins – Defence Back  Line
  • Throw-Ins – Goal Circle
  • Throw-Ins – Side Lines

Forget competition, obligation, and punishing our bodies. For us, NETFIT training is about connection - to ourselves, to our communities, and to the environment around us.

Whether we’re a high level netballer or someone who loves to play socially, we workout for the same reason: to know ourselves a little better – what drives us, what holds us back, and what we didn’t even know we were capable of until we allow ourselves to let go.

For less than a cup of coffee


Yearly Membership

*Recurring $119 AUD annually

What the NETFIT Community Says

Thanks for developing the MY NETFIT program, I had tried a number of different exercise programs after having my first baby in April 2017 and none seemed to inspire me until MY NETFIT. Since starting NETFIT 10 weeks ago I’ve never worked harder in an off season and never been so determined for a season of netball like I am in 2018.
Jenna McNicol –
Wycheproof Netball Club
(Victoria, Australia ) 

I was not feeling the mood to go outside and decided to do MY NETFIT workout inside at home. Initially thought it might be difficult due to the space constraints in our homes in HK but it was awesome to be able to smash out the session in a small space.
Odilia Man – Hantang
Netball Club
(Hong Kong)

Thank you for inspiring so many including a 36 year old Mum. What you and the rest of the team are doing for the NETFIT community is amazing
Karlee Gimore – Pyramid Hill 
(Victoria, Australia)

I love doing the MY NETFIT workouts and the coaching content is very helpful for our LA Waves netballers.
Ella Cox – LA Waves
(Los Angeles, USA)