BALL –  The ball in netball is a spherical shape and the objective of the game is to get it through the ring to score points.

BEND AND FLICK – A term used to train goal shooters for when they are shooting: bend your knees and flick your wrist.

BIBS – Bibs are a part of the netball uniform they say what position you are playing.

BLOCK –  Or Dictating Space. Blocking is when a player positions their body in a way that forces their opponent into a particular part of the court, usually the sidelines or corners of the goal ring.

BOUNCE PASS – A pass used to get around the opponent. Commonly used in the goal circle to get around tall defenders.

BOX – When you as a goaler or defender box your opponent out to stop them from getting the rebound.

BREAK IT – To get a turnover on the opposing sides center pass.

CAPTAIN – The assigned leader of the team. Part of this role involves communicating coaches messages to the team, building team culture and leading warm ups and cool downs.

CENTRE (C) – Link the ball through the court from ring to ring.

CENTRE CIRCLE – Is the circle in the middle of the court, it is where the center starts the game after a goal.

CHANGE OF PACE – To mix up the intensity of the game.

CHASE – Said when a player must quickly go after a loose ball to gain possession.

CHEST PASS – A hard pass aimed directly at a players chest. Used to cover short distances.

CLEAR OUT – Said when players need to move back and make space around the ball handler so that a new player can make a clean lead into the space.

CLEARING – When a player moves out of a space to make room for another player to lead in and receive the ball.

CONTACT – When a players physical action interferes with their opponents ability to play whether accidental or deliberate.

CORRIDORS – The court is split into three even sections up the court from baseline to baseline. There is a left, middle and right corridor. DEPTH Drive deep to create space, driving back into space with all force towards the netball.

DODGING – A quick change in direction aimed at losing your opponent to get the ball.

DON’T CROWD – Said when everyone in the team is in one area.

DREAM – To have a vision for the future and set goals to achieve that vision.

DRILLS – An exercise that is used in training or warm up to practice for a specific game scenario.

EARLY WORKLOAD – How hard a player works at the beginning of their time on court.

EXPLOSIVE TAKE-OFF – The initial movement when a player begins a lead. The player moves as fast as they can in the direction they’re leading into.

FAST FEET – Running on the spot as quickly as possible. Used to train footwork for on court.

FEEDING – When a player passes the ball into the goal circle from outside the ring.

FITNESS – A persons physical condition and ability to perform a task like playing a full netball game.

FOOT WORK – The way that the feet move to optimise performance. In netball it’s best to continuously move your feet so you’re ready for an explosive take off.

FUN – To enjoy playing the game and being part of the team.

GIVE AND GO – When a player passes the ball to their teammate and leads straight away to get the next pass from the player they passed to.

GOAL ATTACK (GA) – Explosive drives to the ring and shoot.

GOAL DEFENCE (GD) – Eyes on the ball. Defend with your outside hand.

GOAL KEEPER (GK) – Play in front. Get your distance. Block out.

GOAL SHOOTER (GS) – Stand tall. Look at the ring. Back yourself.

HANDS OVER THE BALL – Said when a player needs to stand with their arms up three feet from their opponent and defend the pass.

HANDS UP – Defending and you have your hands over the ball. Remember your three feet of space.

HELD BALL – When a player has possession of the ball for more than three seconds without passing it.

HERE IF YOU NEED – A team mate is standing in a position to support their team mate if they need to pass-off or reset into position.

HIT THE RING – Said when the objective of the pass is to get the ball into the goal circle.

JUMP – The act of having both feet leave the ground to catch the ball.

LEAD – When a player runs in a direction that opens up space for their team mate to pass them the ball.

LEADERSHIP – To have the skills to guide and direct the team.

LOB – A high pass that a player needs to jump to catch. Used to get over the head of the opponent.

MAN-TO-MAN – This is when each player on the team is responsible for defending one opponent each.

MOVE – When a player is holding but the defender has them covered so they must move off the body to get the ball.

NETBALL – A game played between two teams of seven players with the objective of getting the ball through a ring to score points. Also known as…the best sport ever!

NETFIT NETBALL – Sparking up netball all over the world.

NEVER GIVE UP – To continue playing with your head held high and fight to win until the last siren.

ON YOUR PLAYERS – Said when players need to man up on their player to defend them.

OUT OF PLAY – When a player contacts or obstructs their opponent, they must stand next to the opponent as they take a free pass, they cannot talk to their teammates or defend the pass.

OUTSIDE HAND – The hand on the opposite side of your body to your opponent, this is the hand you can reach out with to defend without being called for contact.

OVERHEAD PASS – An overhead pass is a two-handed pass taken from above the head.

PIVOT – The act of planting one foot on the ground and moving the other foot around the body in a circular motion.

POWER – To have the ability to perform an action to a high standard. Together a team can have the power to win.

REBOUND – Jumping to recover the ball in the goal area after a missed shot.

RELAX – Said when the team is tense and needs to remain calm.

REPLAY – Occurs when a player bounces it and regains or retains possession to replay it.

RING OR HOOP – The ring with a net attached which the ball must go through in order for a point to be scored.

ROLL-OFF – When a player spins around their opponent, not losing contact with the body, to lead in a different direction.

SHOOT THAT – Said to a goal shooter or goal attack when they catch the ball in the goal circle and are in position to shoot a goal.

SHOULDER PASS – Shoulder passing is a shoulder height method of projecting the ball across a long distance.

SKILLS – A person or teams abilities to do something well. Skills can be trained and developed.

SPACE AWARENESS – A persons ability to understand their place in a space without running into or crowding other players.

SPARK IT UP – To do something different to inject new energy into the team and play with spirit.

STAND TALL – Said when a player needs to stand straight up when defending the ball or shooting a goal. It makes them appear more confident and strong to their opponent.

STEADY – Said when a player catches the ball off balance and needs to regain balance before passing it off.

SUNCORP NETBALL – Suncorp Super Netball is the premier netball league in Australia.

TAKE A RISK – Said when a player must perform an action that’s not the traditional option, like a long pass into the circle or coming out of the goal circle to get an intercept and leaving your player behind.

TALK – Speaking loudly to your team mates on court. To communicate what the opposition are doing or yelling words of encouragement.

TALK GIRLS – Said by a player or coach when they want their team to communicate with each other.

TEAM WORK – When the players in a team work together to achieve the same goals and objectives.

THREE FEET – The distance a player must be when defending their opponent with their hands up.

THREE SECONDS – The time which any player can be in possession of the ball without passing or shooting.

TURN AND LOOK – Relates to shooting. When a goaler gets the ball and immediately turns and looks at the ring to shoot.

UMPIRE – They dictate and enforce the rules of netball.

UNITED – To be joined together as a team to achieve a common goal.

USE YOUR ANGLES – When sprinting to receive a pass, change direction on your drive which will create an angle for receiving the pass.

WING ATTACK (WA) – Lose your defender. Drive strong and hit the ring.

WING DEFENCE (WD)  Quick feet. Stick tight. Hands over the ball.

WORK HARD – Said by a player or coach when the team has to increase their intensity to score a goal or get a turnover during the game.